The Customer is King

In an increasing competitive business environment one of the big issues facing business owners and managers is how to embed an effective customer care culture within their operations.

Here’s how we can help


Customer Care Challenges

  • Create staff awareness
  • Monitor the customer journey
  • Identify the points of truth
  • Get focused customer feedback…
  • Respond and react effectively to that feedback

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Aspire to excel

Using our unique ASPIRE programme we can help you develop a Customer Care Plan to transform your business and, using the Net Promoter Score (NPS), we set up a constant customer monitoring and review process leading to business improvement and better bottom line.

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The Age of the Customer

The age of the customer is here – it is a clear marketplace shift and all the indications are that it will be here for the foreseeable future- we can help you evolve and deal with the new realities of The Age of the Customer.

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Having worked with Frank Down on several projects I can testify that there is no one better at training , developing and motivating people to deliver fantastic Customer Care. His own passion and skill to engage and empathise with people on every level has been the cornerstone of success on many fronts. I can recommend Frank and his skillset to anyone involved in customer care.
Phillip O’Neill
Phillip O’NeillMaldron Hotel
“If you are in the service industry and you have employees who deal with customers, you really need to talk to this guy.”
Dominic Peel
Dominic Peel

Case Study

We recently completed a project for a family company who had developed a large pub, restaurant and retail shop business over many years.

The founding couple had decided to retire and hand the business over to the next generation, their son and his wife, who had not previously worked in the operation but had a good business background.

They spent three months working with his parents to become familiar with the business and then took over completely on their …

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