Putting People First


It strikes me that a large number of hospitality professionals spend a lot of money developing very advanced websites, where rates and special offers are clearly promoted and all the facilities are wonderfully galleried and gloried.

This allows the site visitor to get a flavour of the services and facilities available and an indicative cost of the package on offer.

Yet very, very few sites I have visited give any information about one of the key elements of the package – the people who are going to make all this work for the guest.

While I can get a very strong impression of the location from the website I have no idea who will meet me and look after me during my stay.

I believe it’s time to start putting people first, and by first I mean the first item on the navigation bar of your website – OUR PEOPLE.

Tell me who I can expect to meet, tell me something about them and tell me how well they will look after me – create the personal connection.

The hospitality business is about people looking after people and if your people are important then make them part of the package; make the change – put people first


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